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   You know there are times when a book comes along that just makes you experience every emotion. I have a friend who calls this "a Tourette's of emotion."  I was laughing, I was excited, I was happy, I cried, felt the heartbreak and then HAPPY again! Yes people I get wayyyy to involved in the characters lives, I know this and now lets move on shall we?
  I happened upon this book while searching for something to, fill some time between, you know "getting something good to read."  Having never been recommended this title or hearing of this author, I thought "well, its free so I'm out nothing if I hate it."  So I starting reading it at about 5pm Sunday. I WAS HOOKED FROM THE VERY BEGINNING!!! I knew it was going to be a great read for me , as I was laughing out loud and my husband was looking at me like I was a little crazy. I read this book in little more than a day... slept for 3 hours, got up and finished it....

Author Dani Lovell, takes us into a fantastic world, which we all would die to dip our toes in. An intense attraction that leads to lust, passion, falling hard, fast and the potential of heartbreak.
Is a week enough time to fall in love with someone? 



    Three besties have a night of drunken fun at the new apartment of our leading lady Beatrice "Bea" Hart. Events from this evening of drunkenness leads to a rash decision to join Tilly (one of the besties) on her holiday to LA....... and this is where the fun begins, a snippet of Tilly's conversation with her sister Gemma.
"Yes, I'm a weeny bit tipsy zzarling, but that's by the by. I wanted to ask a teeny weeny, dinky tinky favour...uh huh, well, it's Bea, She's thinking of booking the same flight as me tomorrow, she needs a fucking break."

This could very well be a conversation I would have with my besties, we tend to drunk dial...
Being a bit of a potty mouth myself, I found it so humorous how these three ladies talked and I loved it. Tilly and Clare could seriously be the best "side kicks" ever! I believe I chuckled the entire first chapter.  
   Bea is having a rough time with the take off of the airplane, clawing the headrest, cursing and freaking out. A hand, coming from behind her, holding on to hers is making the fear subside. A seemingly innocent gesture. But wait, that can only mean the beautiful, sexy man she saw boarding and seated behind her, was now in fact holding her hand. This is the beginning of our introduction to Daniel "SEXY " Berkley.
   We get our first glimpse of Daniel "Sexy' Berkley while he is boarding the flight. Bea notices his expensive shoes, suit and his 6'3" height. Doing a double take she is, caught staring at him with her chin on the floor, they exchange "hi " and "hello."  Then he jumps to be her "hero" when the take off has Bea clinging to the back of her seat for dear life... The simple act of holding her hand leads the best time of her life.
   I could go on and on about how fantastic this book is and I could give away the story but that would be such an disservice to Author Dani Lovell.  For her freshmen outing,  I am very impressed!! The writing flows no gaps that need to be filled in and I appreciate that. Not once did I feel like the characters were hard to read or follow. They were complicated just enough to make them interesting, which is VERY refreshing!  NO tortured, secretive hidden past...just characters who put it all out there. REFRESHING!
  It's been a while since a book has left me feeling satisfied, completely from beginning to end.  I often get "weighed down" with all the cliff hangers and trilogies. I know this isn't necessarily a stand alone, but we are given a "finish" to Bea and Daniel and I am so happy about that. I have stated before with some of the books I have read that feel like "all foreplay and no finish" well we certainly get the BIG FINISH with Sexy Berkley.   Simply I must just say this....
 READ IT!!!!!!!!!!

Beyond happy to give Sexy Berkley
5 clocks....


 Next up ...the story of Luke and Tilly
One more thing, being that I am an American, I had not heard the music of Paolo Nutini.  Of course when she mentions it in the book, I had to go immediately in search of the songs. They are literally the most perfect songs for this book... if you are unfamiliar with his work, I beg of you seek out his music.....  ( I am adding a link to his youtube page.)

              Sometimes books strike a cord with me, and this one hit home. Let me tell you why.
    I met my husband online, the attraction was so instant... you ask how, I simply can not tell you other than it just was. We talked for a month and then I came to visit him for a WEEK!  I knew I was in love with him the moment I laid eyes on him standing at the gates of the airport. We had an amazing week !!! As the days flew by, the sadness started creeping in so by the last day I was sick, literally sick. I cried and just wallowed in self-pity.  The day came to take me back to the airport for my flight home, it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I knew I wanted this man and I knew I had to be with him. But my job and family back home (a thousand miles away) were keeping me there. The last thing he said to me was "this will work, but I can not do long distance and I can not move, my job will provide for us. I need to be with you." I boarded that plain and cried myself home, Gut wrenching tears, that didn't stop until I was in my bed, making decisions that changed my life.
                  42 days later, I packed up and moved...13 years and going strong... I HAD TO BE WITH HIM!!!!!

Paolo Nutini... Last Request and Loving You.

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