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Bodyguard; Hollywood A-List by CD Reiss ... Review by Dawn

As a world-class dancer at the height of her career, Emily enjoys all the perks of fame—the parties, the glamour, the tours—but they’ve also attracted the attention of a dangerous ex-boyfriend hell-bent on getting her back.
Enter Carter Kincaid, a bodyguard so crushingly sexy he takes her breath away.
Carter’s the best in the business, and Emily is—professionally speaking—off-limits. But when it comes to stirring his desires, she’s making all the right moves. What’s happening between them is so hot it could get both of them burned. As Emily’s past gets closer, Carter is willing to break every rule of the job to save her. But letting Emily into his life also means letting her in on the secrets of his own past. For these two, falling in love could be the greatest risk of all.

My Review
Meeting Carter and Emily is swift in this new book from CD Reiss. I did enjoy  not having to wait around before we get to see the attraction. I also really enjoyed that it was not the "star" that get's the guy.  That was a new fresh idea. 

Emily is a lovable lead who has been put through the ringer thanks to her stalker ex Vince. She lives in constant fear, fear that he is going to get to her and do only God knows what to her. She has a security system that would rival the White House. The only place she feels safe is at home or dancing. But even at home Emily, is not starting to feel boxed in, trapped like a prisoner.  Events take place that lead her to having a Bodyguard provided by her BFF Darlene. Darlene is the "star" and has the money to provide her ace choreographer the best, and the best is Carter Kincade.

Now Carter comes with a whole lot of baggage... and that is where I started to struggle with the story. Not that his story is aggravating or annoying, it was just confusing. It eventually is played out and you get all the details, but I for one, thought that his reasoning was a bit off.  I was easily distracted with Phin. I liked the kid, but thought he was over used in this book.  His story line made me feel scattered. Maybe that was the point, I'm just not sure. 
I would say the first half of this book had me hooked, but once the story of the "son" came into play, I was a little lost and that made the remainder of the story a bit of a miss for me.

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