Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Acquisition by Chelle Bliss...Review by Dawn

What could possibly go wrong with having an innocent one night stand? EVERYTHING for Lauren Bradley. Drinks with a handsome stranger, a stranger with an accent to boot, is just what this over worked CEO of Interstellar needs. How was she to know that the handsome stranger would end up being the CEO of Cozza Industries. The company that is trying to take her company away. The only thing that Lauren wants more than her handsome stranger, is Interstellar. 
This story grabs you right from the first pages, we learn why Lauren is so dedicated to her profession. She is driven to make her fathers dreams come true, even if it is too late for him, she is going to make it happen. I love this, I love her love for her father. The emotion Ms. Bliss wrote in Lauren's telling of her father and his commitment and sacrifice for her, well it was personal and I felt it. I really liked Lauren and I like that she was a BOSS in every sense of the word. Until she meets Mr. Antonio Forte. 

Mr. Forte ( that is how I dress him) I fell hard for you sir. While I was reading this book, I had envisioned him as Raoul Bova (seriously look him up) and that made home even more delicious. I loved his brashness and his controlling ways. I guess I didn't pick up on him being a recluse. I was like "how did she not know? This guy is in your line of work." When you read on about his family, I finally understood and that made him even more intriguing. 

Lauren and Antionio have this amazing chemistry and it comes to live on the pages. Ms. Bliss has a gift, she always makes me feel. She makes me laugh and she makes me blush on occasion, but I enjoy every second of it.
I am currently reading Merger to see where she takes us and what happens with Antonio and Lauren. I feel his family is going to play a big part in this story and I am looking forward to it. I think Ms. Bliss writes some of the best families in print!!!
5 clock read

honest  review based on ARC provided by the author. 

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