Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Blind Date by Belle Jewel...Review by Dawn

31450628I have read most of everything that Miss Jewel has published , but was not aware of this suspense romance she has been writing. I am a FAN!  
I finished this book in one sitting, I could not put it down.  I like an amature, started reading this late at night. I was so creeped out. It's not frightening  or a blood bath. It is just so creepy, for lack of a better word. 
I was immediately taken with Hartley, she is an amazing leading lady. Her spunk and strong will nature has me in , from the first few paragraphs. She has suffered a loss that would leave anyone absolutely devestated and it did. When she decides, not fully on board to get back out there and try her hand at dating again. Let's just say that things do not go so well front he very first date. Not wanting to fulfill her promise to her friend Taylor but even more so not wanting to let Taylor down, Hart agrees to go one one more date. 
To say that this story line was not predictable would be a lie. That is the only thing that I was really let down by. This was so easy to figure out . You knew from their first meeting that Jacob was going to be the bad guy. Well at least I did.
The introduction of Ace was hilarious. With Hartley's need to make her neighbor say "Hello" and his need to stay silent and not interact, made for a funny subplot. Ace, he is just everything I want in my leading man. Strong, brooding, sexy and protective...typical Alpha male, and I LOVE it. He was the perfect match for Hartley, even if he would never admit it. 
This story has a clear message for women, do not sit by and become another victim! Take action and do not let anyone take away your control. Be smart, be vigilant and know what when something feels off, don't dismiss it. I truly loved Hartley and Taylor's instinct to survive. Neither one of them ever gave up and I found that so awesome. They did not wait to be rescued, they rescued themselves! 
I am looking forward to more of this writing from Ms. Jewel

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