Monday, March 13, 2017

Things My Husband Says by Barbara Blue... Review by Dawn


“I'm full of "baby gravy". You need to do something about that.”

THINGS MY HUSBAND SAYS is an unfiltered collection of conversations between myself and my husband of over twenty-five years. If you have lost your ability to laugh at inappropriate bedroom banter between two married and consenting adults, then IMMEDIATELY STOP READING! This book is not for you. We are from completely different tribes and you will hate everything about this book. I prefer to avoid receiving bad reviews when possible...So help me, help you, help me by you not reading this book full of ridiculous references about fornication.

Emma Chase, NY Times Bestselling Author says,"THINGS MY HUSBAND SAYS is a collection of laugh out loud, holds nothing back, unabashedly honest, gigglingly relatable episodes that are bursting with real-life and real love on every single page. A great read for old married people, newlyweds, singles, and everyone in between."

Joe “Not in My Town” Martin says, “He’s a true inspiration to mankind and they should erect statues of him for us to salute.”

Bryan, The Husband said, “You better not be using my real name in this.”

~My 5 Clock Review~

If for one second you take offense to Things My Husband Says, I'm going to need for you to go right now to the local hospital and have the stick removed from your behind! 
This is the hysterical conversations between a loving married couple. Blue and Brian have something so special,so special that you may not understand. But it is their special and I works so well. I laughed until I had tears running down my face. To see a couple who had been together since the dinosaurs roamed the Earth loving each other madly, well it is a very beautiful thing.
What I took from this compilation of snippets from their marriage is. Love hard, laugh harder and always take it to " pound town!"
I enjoyed this so much and I know for a fact that I will be referencing Things, daily from now on.

Out of the Blue Series, Volume One
DISCLAIMER: Paperback copies contain emojis that may appear pixelated or fuzzy due to the printing process. The author chose to keep the emojis in the paperback to maintain the added humor they provide for each episode. 

Judi Perkins, Illustrator 
Leticia Hasser, Illustrator 
Shanoff Reads, Formatting
Christy Lockhart, Editing/Proofreading
Kristi Roberts Allen, Editing/Proofreading
Gwendolyn Kohn, Proofreading, Emoji graphics, Emoji graphics 

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