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5 clock review of Craving Resurrection by Nicole Jaquelyn.... Review by Dawn

Patrick Gallagher’s future was mapped out—and it didn’t include Amy Henderson or the IRA. 
She was everything he’d never wanted. Too young. Too naïve. 
Unfortunately, he couldn’t help but be fascinated by the girl who took refuge in his old bedroom, staying with his mum more often than not. 
She looked like a Renaissance painting and argued like a solicitor. He couldn’t resist her, and before long he didn’t even want to

Instead, he loved her unreservedly… then he married her. 
But he couldn’t have prepared for what happened after. 
Actions, no matter how large or how small, have consequences—and when the IRA comes knocking, he’s sucked into a life that he’d never anticipated. 

Choices were made. 

Hearts were broken. 
Trust was shattered. 
Lives were lost. 
Through it all, he loved her. 

It was a love that spanned decades. 


Warning: This book is meant for readers over 18 years old and contains scenes that depict torture and sexual assault. 

There are times as a blogger/book reviewer that we become stuck. What I mean by this is, same book, same story line, the same out come. But then there are the times when you read something that just completely destroys you. You can't move on, you can't get it out of your mind and you can not even think about picking up something else to read. I long for these times. I want to be destroyed, I want to be emotionally exhausted and I want to believe in good again. That is exactly what you get in Craving Resurrection by Nicole Jacquelyn. It. Is. Brilliant!!!

The dialogue is some of the best I have ever read. With that said, its written from dual points of views. Patick (Poet) is Irish, and she wrote it the way he would speak... Irish accent. At times it is a bit tough to follow, but you catch on very quickly and it becomes second nature to the reader. There were times that I was so, mesmerized by what he was saying, I had to close my kindle and just absorb what he just said.

This is a different kind of MC book... as a mater of fact it actually plays a very little part in Poet and Amy's story. This is a book about overcoming the devastating acts of one person and how it can have an everlasting trickle effect on everyone in your life. The past has a way of haunting you or making you stronger, you decide which. This is a story about love. A pure undying love that becomes so twisted and tainted, you as a reader, believe there is no coming back from what you just read.

Amy, is Outstanding! She is probably the best leading lady I have read. She is not weak. Yes, she has her moments of weakness but she does not linger. She has had a rough life. Her parents suck and she has been moved all over the world, only to be abandoned time and time again by her parents. But she doesn't let it destroy her. She befriends Peg and her life changes forever...

"Marry me." It wasn't a question.
The wind-up clock in the kitchen ticked at least fifteen times as she stared at me with wide eyes. I'd surprised her.
"Marry you? Are you insane?" she said finally.
"No. Marry me."
"I'm eighteen. I haven't even finished secondary! I can't just-"
"Marry me."
"Stop saying that!
She gripped my forearms tightly in her slender hands, her nails digging in, and I couldn't help but smile Happily. Finally, finally, something in my life felt right. This felt right. I'd anchor her to me so securely, she'd never again think of a life without me. 
The front door opened and my mum walked briskly into the kitchen pausing as she caught sight of us.
"Marry me."
Mum gasped in delight, and Amy's eyes closed in defeat. 
Then her lips tipped up just a fraction. 
"Marry me," I whispered again pulling her face toward mine.
"Are you sure?" she whispered back, opening her eyes. "Absolutely sure? This isn't a game Patrick Gallagher, you can't change your mind.'
I'm more sure of dis den I'ver ever been of anyt'in'."

Sometimes love is not enough... Sometimes actions are set into motion without you even knowing and the consequences are bigger then the love you share. Patrick, had no idea he would ever be pulled into something that would ruin him. He knew that he had only once choice, but that choice cost him more than he could ever imagine... Amy. He knew she loved him, but could she ever forgive him?

I could literally go on and on with all the reasons you should read this book, but honestly there is only one reason, It is so beautifully written. The conversations between Patrick and Phoenix (Nix) are profound! I cried... no, I bawled. The acceptance, the compassion, the understanding... I am getting choked up thinking about it. I have never experienced the pull, that this interaction had on me.

"Ye did not come from me body," Patrick said fiercely, staring into overflowing eyes and cupping his face so gently their skin was barely touching. "But ye are my son. And ye are exactly as God made ye. Dere is not one t'ing wrong wit' ye, Phoenix Robert Gallagher, and I'll kill any man who says ot'erwise."

The intertwining of characters, was incredible. We all kind of knew the interaction between Brenna and Amy in, Craving Constellations would come to play,  and they do.

I have to say, Nicole Jacquelyn's writing has only gotten better. She has now written two of my favorite books. Two of my top 5 books ever... I say that loudly and proudly.
Not only is this book brilliant, but I believe it to a very important book. The subject matter it deals with, are not easy to talk about for some. And you never know, this book may help someone or change someones way of thinking.

This book can be read as a standalone. 5+++++

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